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Assisting early detection for all.

Scan. Track. Compare.

Skin Check scans your moles & lesions for cancer risks, tracks them for change, and educates you on signs and symptoms.

All while giving you complete control of your privacy. 

Skin Check Solutions

Accurate, private, and instant mole detection

Anonymously conduct high-quality scans and get instant results for concerning moles. Results are calculated using award-winning computer vision solutions and transparently show how the results are calculated.

Track your moles over time to monitor changes

Save your results to easily monitor your moles for any changes over time. Monitoring moles is especially important, as melanoma based skin cancers can develop from benign to malignant in as little as six weeks.

Compare your moles to common skin cancers

Learn about the signs and symptoms of common skin cancers and where they’re likely to occur in your body. Compare your moles to photographic examples of these common cancers.

Our Features


Our Features

Our Mobile Solution

1. Take a picture of your mole or lesion 

2. Skin Check tells you the similarity to skin cancer. 

3. Save your results to track changes in your moles 

4. Compare your moles & lesions with common skin cancer types to learn about the signs & symptoms 

Our Users Stories

It works, it's simple, and it's free
by twonibbles - May 7, 2022 

The app starts with a disclaimer. That's right, no one replaces a doctor. He doesn't ask for money, yet it’s a type of application for which he would be happy to pay a fair price. I wanted to write this review to thank those who made such an important thing available without speculating on it. Thank you.

75,000+ Downloads

mega app!
by Hegow - Jul 7, 2022 

And also for free. I would even pay 10€ once. I tested the detection with skin cancer images from Google: recognized everyone. I photographed my spots with a magnifying glass. all 70-80% harmless. that calms down! 😎

776,000+ moles scanned
by Skin Check

Great app!
by Gretch B. - Aug 23, 2019  

I took a picture of a spot on my dads arm and it said it was skin cancer. He went to the dermatologist and it turns out it was! Thankfully they cut it out and all is well now.

 4.8 Stars Worldwide
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Join us and 75,000+ users as we are creating A.I. solutions to democratize powerful medical skills and make the world of healthcare accessible for all.

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